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Everything to know about acoustic wall panels

The sound quality in any room is improved with the help of strategically-placed acoustic wall panels. The large panels made of fabric and foam offer flexibility like no other.

It is because they can be cut into a wide variety of sizes and shapes to fit the need. Customised acoustic wall panels also provide you with a good way to complement the design of any room at home or the office.

Other than the aesthetic value, the main purpose of acoustic wall panels is to eliminate any residual sound of any area. The proper installation of acoustic panels helps to diffuse or absorb excessive noise.

Depending on the need, acoustic wall panels can be designed as sound diffusers or absorbers. It’s always smart to know the purpose of the acoustic panels before installing them.


Top Advantages of Acoustic Wall Panels


Small and large spaces can all benefit from the use of acoustic wall panels. Commercial spaces such as music venues, restaurants, offices, and bars all benefit from acoustic panels.

The top advantages acoustic wall panels bring to the table include:

Provide a great solution for the lack of wall space

Many restaurants and offices need to find a solution for excessive noise. Installing acoustic walls provide a timely solution to the noise issue. What’s more, the wide range of acoustic wall designs, colours, and patterns allows many commercial spaces to choose the walls that work with their decor.

Installing attractively-designed acoustic walls offer a two-in-one answer to homes and commercial spaces short on wall space.

Acoustic panels up on the ceiling

Acoustic panels not only work great as walls; they can also become ceiling panels. Bad acoustics often are with the large spaces with hard surfaces. And ceilings are usually the hardest and largest space.

Installing acoustic panels on the ceiling not only improves the acoustics of a large area; they also provide a unique visual impact.

Suspended acoustic panels

The “proximity effect” in the world of science means that different frequencies are suppressed and targeted as the source of noise gets closer to varying heights. With this theory, the obvious solution is the installation of suspended acoustic panels.

Using suspended acoustic panels helps to tackle the resonance of the room; it is also the smartest way to get unmatched sound quality. The best examples of places using suspended acoustic panels are concerts and music venues.

Easy installation

A home gains enhanced acoustics with the installation of acoustic panels. The flexibility of the panels allows homeowners to quickly install them. Opting for panels with magnets allows quick installation onto metal plates. Installing the panels is a quick DIY job for anyone capable of hanging photos on the wall.

However, professional installation is the best option for someone incapable of hanging a picture on the wall.

Enhance privacy

Conversations inside an office or home can be easily heard by kids or guests. The only way to ensure the privacy of conversations at all times is to use acoustic wall panels.

Are noise reduction panels effective? What benefits do they provide?

  • Enhanced safety in the workplace
  • More ROI or return of investment for a business with satisfied customers
  • Increased productivity in educational and office settings
  • Offers a unique welcoming touch to customers
  • Provide top sound quality to music and concert halls




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