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Everything to know about bespoke street and park furniture

A visit to public gardens and parks usually presents various types of street and park furniture. Making the visit comfortable for visitors is the sole purpose of these street and park furniture. Yet, purely decorative pieces of street and furniture are rarely seen in public places.

In the past, street and park furniture were chosen for their durability and nothing else. But, changes are happening to city, village, and town centres as bespoke street and park furniture have become popular. It is because the national chain of stores, restaurants, and malls has become aware that street and park furniture plays an important role in creating a sense of ambiance for people.

The addition of bins, planters, and signage other than the bespoke street and park furniture has made public parks and gardens more appealing. This has also created more revenue for the various restaurants and malls when public places become visitor-friendly.

Street and park furniture has evolved from being practical to iconic. The top reasons for making people feel an “experience” with street and park furniture include:


An individualised experience

Yesterday, street park furniture served as a place to sit. Not today, with the individualised designs that create an “experience” for visitors. The bespoke outdoor furniture not only improves the scenery of the location; they also create a feeling of welcome for every visitor.

The lovely designs and colours of the customised street and park are not only there for people to admire. They are also there to encourage visitors to stay awhile to people-watch, get acquainted, or enjoy a snack. Visiting public places has now become a mood booster for many people with the inception of the bespoke street and park furniture.


Encourage more social connection

More social connection is encouraged with comfortable customised street and park furniture. Parents can sit comfortably as they watch their children at play. The furniture also serves as a rest area for people with mobility problems.

The outdoors becomes an enjoyable place with the careful placement of clusters of street park furniture. People are encouraged to become more sociable with the ideal ambiance provided by the proper placement of street furniture. Returning to traditional and simpler ways of living by way of bespoke street and park furniture is a modern challenge that public places try to meet.

Interaction between people is stimulated with the properly designed placement of street furniture.


Provide unique aesthetics

Another innovative dimension is added to customise street park furniture. The engineering expertise coupled with the modern design creates unique aesthetics for any public location. The limitless designs and concepts of street furniture allow various public places to create individualised aesthetics to their location.

Street furniture has become not only pieces of furniture to sit; they have become showcase designs.


A better and more effective way of securing an area

The designs of barriers and blockers to secure a public area leave something to be desired. Securing a place or location does not have to be an eyesore. Carefully planned and placed street furniture serves the same purpose of securing a location. Using attractively designed street furniture creates not only an appealing barrier; it also provides a great ambiance for all.


Street park furniture designs have evolved from “practical” to more aesthetically pleasing. The need to make locations more visitor-friendly has encouraged public places to choose bespoke street furniture designs. Contact us at Grillex to know more.


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