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Why 4wd owners should considered purchasing ARB bull bars?

Are you someone who takes frequent trips to the remote areas or if you have work that often takes you across highways? In either of these cases it is important that you have purchased the right set of bull bars to install on your 4wd. A bull bar is an extremely important piece of equipment which can help prevent accidents and also provide protection to the vehicle.

The advantages of ARB bull bars

Usually a collision with an animal can have a major impact on the vehicle and might even leave it disabled. This means that you are standard in the middle of no where also your vehicle could have suffered major damage. It helps to take the front portion of your car so in case if there is a collision with an animal you still have a chance of driving on. It can actually help minimise the risk to your vehicle however it is still important to avoid any kind of animal strikes and it is best to travel during the light hours.

Driving off road means that you are usually travelling on the rough side of the road. There is a potential for all sorts of hazards like being stuck to a rock or stuck in a rut. It can be a real problem especially if your vehicle does not have bull bar to offer protection. The impact of such an impact can have a detrimental affect on your vehicle as well as on your own safety.

If you have installed a bull bar on your 4wd it would be easier for you to mount the winch on top of it. Plus a car with a bull bar has a better resale value. Also it can be a safe place to mount the sand flag especially if you are into dune sand driving or if you plan on driving in the desert. It would be difficult to manage without a bull bar. They would not be a strong enough to hold the sand flag in place. Also you can easily install the lights on the which provides a safe face which may not be provided by the nudge bars it is also a good place to mount the UHF Antennas.


Choosing an ARB bull bar

When purchasing a bull bar for your 4wd it is important that you choose one which is made from the finest quality material and has the best possible design. ARB bull bars are study enough to carry all kinds of installations. However you must also considered the style of the bar because it can add at least 40 to 80 kg in front of the vehicle. So the bar that you buy should be based upon factors like the size of your vehicle the design of the bar and the shape of the front end of your vehicle.

Keeping the above mention things in mind would allow you to purchase the right kind of UV4x4 bull bars for your vehicle.


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