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What is TM Agricultural?

TM Agricultural is a liquid that is scientifically designed to increase/stimulate the beneficial native biology in your soil.

What is TM Agricultural made from?

TM is made from a range of organic components that are put through a long treatment process to create the finished product. It takes about four months to make a batch of TM.

Is TM Agricultural Approved?

TM Ag is NOT a Pesticide, Fungacide, Herbicide therefore approval by the AVMPA (Australia   
Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority) has not been sought. It is approved by
Australian Organics as allowed input No. 10904AI

Where is TM Agricultural made?

The key components of TM Agricultural are made in Canada, then shipped to Australia for manufacturing at our main office facility in Goulburn NSW.

Is TM Agricultural worm juice?

No, TM Agricultural is not worm juice.

Is TM Agricultural Compost Tea?

No TM Agricultural is not Compost Tea.

Can I tank mix TM with a herbicide?

Yes. Unlike other products, TM contains no added biology apart from what would be found in the natural products used in its manufacture.

Is there a withholding period after application?

No. As TM Agricultural is a BFA registered product there is no withholding period. It contains no harmful chemicals.

When is the best time to apply TM Agricultural?

Crops: Typically the first application is with the first pre-seeding herbicide application and the second application is applied with the in-crop herbicide.

Pasture: Typically applied after the first opening rain of the autumn, followed by the second application at the end of winter-early spring.

Can I spray TM in the rain?

Yes. Many farmers report excellent results when applying TM to pastures in the rain; especially when there is an excess of ground cover. Of course this may be restricted if tank mixing with a herbicide.

Must I incorporate TM into the soil profile?

No. The vast majority of TM is used in minimum tillage or pasture operations.