Helping farmers rejuvenate soils and improve profitability

Jim Watson started Best Environmental Technologies Inc., with a vision of helping farmers grow healthy crops. It was incorporated in 1999, under the Canada Business Corporation Act.

Best’s first success was with an organic liquid soil rejuvenation product that restores the soil’s micronutrients. The positive reaction Jim received from farmers across Canada’s Prairie provinces (Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba) launched his commitment to continue improving growers’ results.

Best now operates across North & South America, Europe, Africa, Australia, and South Asia, selling many products developed through extensive research and development.

We not only restore, build and maintain land, we also repair environmental damage. We work with farmers, turf growers, gardeners, forestry, vitaculture, dairy and plantations.


Best’s first major expansion occurred in 2007, when it introduced its agricultural products for enhancing crop growth to Australia and Vietnam. The same year, it also built a 16,000-square-foot manufacturing plant in Canada.

In 2008, Best added a blending plant in Australia so that products could be shipped to clients outside of North America as concentrates and re-manufactured in Australia for further distribution.

In 2009, the company began selling its products in Ghana, and in 2010 it added an automated bottling plant in Canada to increase its production efficiency. During the same period, Best’s TM Agricultural products were registered for sale and use in Mexico, and its TMF 1 and 2 products for golf course turf management were registered for sale and use in nine U.S. states.