The fastest way to get essential nutrients into a plant is by using a foliar fertiliser.

As soil becomes dry and compacted, ground applied fertiliser struggles to reach a plant’s root system.

Compacted conditions lead to decreased profi­tability and sometimes crop failure. The solution?

Use a foliar fertiliser! Research has shown that plants take in nutrients much more efficiently through their stomata (pores) located in their foliage, than they can through their roots. Crops can be given quick boosts with foliar fertilisation; not only is this good for general fertilisation, it is an immediate way to revive and stimulate stressed, tired, or diseased crops.

What is Best Foliar Fertiliser?

Best Foliar Fertiliser is a specialty blend of granular crop nutrients consisting of NPK and micronutrients for in-crop application. Best’s Foliar Fertiliser is developed to meet the crop nutrient requirements during its growth. They are developed based on the scientific research on the nutrient requirements of crops to help farmers growing crops in different climates and soils. This product has the balanced nutrients required by the plants in readily available forms. It can be used in the production of all commercial agricultural, horticultural, fodder crops, pastures and turfs.

Micronutrients present in our formula

Copper Sulphate EDTA, Iron Sulphate EDTA, Zinc Sulphate EDTA, Boron (Solubor), Manganese Sulphate EDTA


Easy To Apply

It is recommended that TM Foliar be applied on crops at the 4-to-5 leaf stage. It can be applied with most broadleaf control. A minimum of one application is required, but it can be applied up to 3 times depending on the type of crop and its length of growing period. In greenhouses and on horticultural tree or fruit crops, it can be sprayed once every month until one month before the last harvest. The product is available in granular form in 20kg boxes. It can be safely mixed with most other fertilisers and herbicides. A jar test is recommended before applying.


“I Have never seen as many nodules in the chickpeas as there are this year”

Bernie Beirhoff Avondale NSW



Why Best Foliar Fertiliser?

Best uses only the highest quality inputs in its blending of NPK; we use highly water-soluble inputs for our NPK; with the utilisation of our proprietary blending system we can blend at supersaturation, which is a very important aspect of suspension fertilisers. The slight acidity associated with our foliar fertiliser can reduce the potential for NH3 loss to air, and it can even be placed near germinating seeds without any concern for NH3 damage.

One of the biggest misconceptions of foliar fertiliser is that the sole process is NPK fertilisation. Best’s Foliar Fertiliser offer a wide variety of chelated micronutrients - these are the building blocks for a healthy full crop and offer disease protection. Most foliar fertilisers on the market offer minimal to no micronutrients in their products. When sourcing foliar fertiliser, it is of the utmost importance to watch for micronutrient availability as well as if the micros present are chelated.

Application Rates

  •  Available in 20kg Boxes
  • 1.85 - 2.5 kg per Ha
  • One Box treats 8.4 - 11.5 Ha
  • Apply 2 or 3 times during growing season
  • Minimum dilution rate 1:10 with water (mix 20kg box with 200 litres of water)

Guaranteed Minimum Analysis 15 – 10.9 – 6.6

  • Nitrogen (N)            15.00%
  • Phosphate (P)          10.90%
  • Patassium (K)          6.60%
  • Magnesium (Mg)    2.00%
  • Sulphur (S)              4.00%

Also contains Iron, Boron, Zinc, & Manganese