Seed Germination is a custom liquid blended formulation that is applied to the seed at seeding time or up to 120 days prior to seeding. The product contains TM Ag & approximately 9% phosphorus. Seed Germination was developed after conducting meticulous research on enhancing seed germination rate and better plant establishment. The bene­ficial micro-organisms are attracted to the seed and this allows for a lot of colonization of microbes around the seed. Increased micro-organisms and bacteria in the soil improves the fertility of the soil.

Plants coming out of the soil tend to be healthier with less disease pressure in the early stages. The plants tend to have a better-developed root system early on which means there are more contact points in the soil where water and nutrients can be absorbed which is vital in the early stages of crop development it enables the plant to uptake water and nutrients more effectively and creates a more favourable environment for beneficial micro -organisms to multiply. Better nodulation has also been noted in pulse crops.



The product must cover all seeds, they should be damp but not soaked. Seed Germination can be applied to most broad acre crops including pulses, cereals, pastures and vegetables.

  • Apply directly to seed at a rate of 375mls per hectare.
  • Available in 1L & 20L bottles (1 Litre Treats 2.7 Hectares)

If sowing more than 75 kg of seed up to 50% of water can be added for better coverage.



Easy To Use

TM Germination can be used in all crops at the time of seeding, or even pre-seeding, if the farmer has an option to store the treated seeds. However, pre-treated seeds like canola may be an exception. The results are consistent when this product is used on different crops, in different soils and climates. However, the climate, crop and its management practices may have certain influence on the overall performance.The product is available in liquid form in 1 and 20-litre containers. It can be safely mixed with most other fertilizers and herbicides while applying. Detailed directions on use and storage are given on the product label.

Helping Seedlings Flourish

Plant health in the early stages of growth and development is as important as early health is in humans. At the early stages of seed germination, the first roots emerging from the seedlings are responsible for establishing a plant firmly in the soil, and also for the absorption of nutrients from soil. During this process of early plant establishment in soil, seedlings require all the essential nutrients to be readily available, very close to those first roots. The nutrients also keep the plants resistant to soil-borne infections.

Increase Root Mass

TM Germination was developed after conducting meticulous research on enhancing seed-germination rate and better plant establishment. More root mass allows the plants to establish well in soil and to grow stronger and healthier. This product has the required nutrients that are readily available to the young plant roots. TM Germination helps farmers see their crops coming out of the ground earlier than those on their neighbors’ farms, and also produces healthier and stronger plants. As the nutrient absorption capacity is significantly higher in TM Germination-treated crops over non-treated crops, the treated crop will take an early lead on its growth and development. All the ingredients used in manufacturing TM Germination are derived from reliable, non-toxic chemical and organic sources. It can be used in the production of all commercial agricultural, horticultural and feed crops.



"Seed Germination produces a more vigorous seed, superior root growth, and gives the seed a quicker “pop-up” effect out of the ground." Terry Blanch Hallsville NSW