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At Best Environmental Technologies we’ve spent years developing growing solutions for the agriculture, commercial and horticulture sectors. Our soil rejuvenation products are second-to-none, and are developed with leading-edge biotechnology in our own laboratories. Best products and systems are used worldwide, and we continue to expand into new countries and territories at a rapid pace. TM was first introduced into Australia in 2006, to nine farmers in Western Australia. Since then, its use has spread rapidly across the country, based on results and word-of-mouth recommendations. TM is widely used in all states of Australia and New Zealand. We at Best understand that the concept of using biology to assist growers is a relatively new one, and that education, understanding and results are paramount.

Our products are formulated to restore soil health and balance. Our goal is to help solve the core problem that most producers encounter: their soil’s condition. Poor soil conditions lead to many of today’s agricultural problems and expenses. Many pastures, animals and crop lands all show symptoms of this. Compacted hard soils with low oxygen, poor water absorption and low biological activity promote disease, pests and high costs. The input costs associated with poor soil conditions high fertilizer rates with low efficiencies, nutrient lock-up and leaching also add to the challenge. TM promotes loose aerated soil with optimum oxygen levels and excellent water absorption and holding capacities. Healthy soils enable the inputs being used to be much more efficient. Our goals at Best are to help producers grow healthy, high-quality produce with reduced inputs and less financial risk.

Healthy Soil

Healthy soil leads to robust and healthy plants, reduced cost of operations,
improved yield and profitability.

Our World

Best Environmental Technologies is committed to working with
nature to restore natural ecosystems.

Our Products

Our Signature Product

Soil scientists around the world generally agree that soil biology is the “engine room of the soil.”  Soil biology is responsible for recycling nutrients, converting elements including atmospheric nitrogen and stable but unavailable forms of phosphorus into forms that are plant available, breaking down toxins, both man-made and natural. These biological processes sustain life as we know it.

TM Ag is an organic registered soil ameliorant designed to kick-start and increase benefi­cial biological activity in the soil, beginning with the bacteria and fungi that all other soil life depends on.  Although TM contains natural trace nutrients, its primary aim is to stimulate the vast array of indigenous soil organisms to do their work.

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