Working with nature

Modern technologies have made significant advances possible in agricultural production systems. However, the environment has paid the price. Machines and chemicals have disturbed and broken down our natural ecosystems. The global demand for more production in limited land space has depleted soil quality all over the world. In many countries, animal health has also become vulnerable.

Best Environmental Technologies is committed to working with nature to restore natural ecosystems.

"Our purpose is to provide positive environmental products, systems & technologies that are economically viable for the world."

BestTM provides positive environmental products, systems and technologies that have been tested and proven successful on many continents on a wide range of soils, climates and agricultural products.

BestTM was established in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada in 1999, and has expanded operations in North America, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Africa, and Asia. Our international distribution network ensures our clients access to our services, information and products.

BestTM is dedicated to developing technologies, products and systems that are based on solid research and that will help provide a secure, sustainable food supply for a rapidly growing population.